Put Us on Your Staff, Not on Your Payroll!


You excel at what you do. You know your products and you have relationships with your clients, but do you know there’s probably more you can do for your clients and create new revenue for you in the process?

Almost everyone has concerns such as:

  • Paying College costs
  • Keeping family financially solvent should they or their spouse die, or become ill
  • Financial impact of long term care, or critical illness expenses
  • Saving and having enough for retirement
  • Tax free income in retirement
  • Leaving a tax free legacy to family/children/grandchildren
  • Paying lower income taxes over a life time
  • As a business owner—keeping the business solvent should they not be able to work
    • Supplemental retirement plan for themselves or key employees

We have a solution for these concerns!

Doulos Financial Consultants offers expertise, experience, and creative life insurance programs to round out your clients overall risk management and financial security, providing a value added service. We will help you create NEW and SIGNIFICANT revenue for your agency by identifying clients (Both business and Individual); we will assist you in assessing your clients concerns and matching them with the appropriate insurance solution.

Your clients may seek these services somewhere—be proactive by offering the services they need!

Partner with us, and we can help you help your clients and create new revenue. We bring more than 50 major insurance companies with us and we know one of them will fit you client’s needs. When you partner with Doulos Financial Consultants, you:

  • Get a partner, not a vendor
  • Extend the reach of your agency
  • Receive an arsenal of marketing muscle
  • Bring on board someone who can identify potential prospects within your client roster
  • Have help to make the sale yourself, or let us do it all and you still get paid
  • Receive commission on all sales Doulos makes under your umbrella

Your clients remain your clients. We are an extension of you providing life insurance and only life insurance. Our goal is to provide more peace of mind for your clients and create new revenue to you.


Increase your Agency revenue while expending limited Agency resources.

Although there are several options to partner with Doulos and receive compensation, the 2 main options are:

  • You are the agent and do all of the work, you receive 100% of the GA commission. We just stay in the background and provide the sales, product and marketing assistance.
  • When we are involved in meeting with your client and actually write and close the case, we split the commission.


Doulos first helps you identify what types of clients you have and helps you assess their needs. You you’re your clients. They’ve been a part of your agency for years and you have a good relationship with them. You wouldn’t hesitate to call them with an opportunity that would benefit them or advise them of a concern.

You’re thinking about them, their well-being, and their future.

You know how to and when to manage risk. You know when a client is exposed. Partner with Doulos to close those gaps with your clients.

We’ll make it easy for you: Find the products that fit the need……. Liaise with the insurance companies… get quotes/proposals…. make sure you have the right forms… set up medical exam…close the case.

CASE STUDY: P & C Agency

Doulos works with a Property and Casualty firm that both offers some clients life insurance directly and partners with us for other life insurance needs. A few months ago, I was visiting in their office. One of the agents handed me a business card and said, “I’ve brought up life insurance with these clients of mine, but I haven’t had the time to follow up. They are going to be complicated transactions and I’ve never done this type of policy before. Our core business is keeping me busy. I told them I had a specialist on my team and they are expecting your call. Could you contact them?”

The one client needed life insurance, liked the idea of tax-free income and was concerned about long term care costs. The insurance they purchased addressed all their concerns. This agents’ role was simply to introduce me to his client – I closed the case and split the commission.

Another agent in the same office called me recently to ask my advice on which insurance products would work best for a client. I provided that information and he wrote the life case himself earning all of the commission.

Don’t invest your time becoming appointed by tons of life insurance companies. Doulos already is. Partner with us.

If you want to help your clients—and at the same time create new revenue—partner with Doulos. Allow us to come alongside of you to help you grow your business.

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